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Specifications for Arminox solid stainless steel reinforcing bar:

  • Stainless steel grades available:
    • UNS S31653 solid stainless steel
    • UNS S32205 solid stainless steel
    • UNS S31803 solid stainless steel
    • UNS S32304 solid stainless steel.

  • Grade 75 (520 Mpa Yield strength minimum. 690 Mpa Tensile strength)
  • #3 through #10 bars available in standard sizes. Inquire for other sizes.
  • Meeting ASTM A955, A959 and A276 standards and meeting ISO 9001 manufacturing standards.
  • Rolling scale is to be removed from the surface of the stainless bar by acid pickling, leaving the stainless steel surface in a 100% passive state.
  • Made in the USA.

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